Starship Pediatric Dentistry in Madison, Morristown and Florham Park, NJ
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Kid in Hyper Speed - Pediatric Dentist in Madison, Morristown and Florham Park, NJNitrous Oxide

Some children are given nitrous oxide/oxygen, or what you may know as laughing gas, to relax them for their dental treatment. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is a blend of two gases, oxygen and nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is given through a small breathing mask which is placed over the child’s nose, allowing them to relax, but without putting them to sleep. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, recognizes this technique as a very safe, effective technique to use for treating children’s dental needs. The gas is mild, easily taken, then with normal breathing, it is quickly eliminated from the body. It is non-addictive. While inhaling nitrous oxide/oxygen, your child remains fully conscious and keeps all natural reflexes.

Outpatient General Anesthesia

Captain Sky has performed over 100 pediatric dental cases under general anesthesia. He has privileges at Morristown Medical Center where he serves as an attending to the general practice dental residency. Outpatient General Anesthesia is recommended for some where the extent of the dental treatment and the cadet’s level of cooperation make work in the starship a turbulent experience. General anesthesia renders your child completely asleep. This would be the same as if they were having their tonsils removed, ear tubes placed or hernia repaired. All work will be performed and completed in a single session in the hospital with services provided by Anesthesia Associates of Morristown.