Starship Pediatric Dentistry in Madison, Morristown and Florham Park, NJ
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CPT. Sky Berdahl, D.D.S.

Captain Sky wanted to be a pediatric dentist since the tender age of eight. An accidental tumble introduced his front teeth to the pavement and the subsequent visits to his pediatric dentist, Dr. Best, cemented his destiny. Raised in NYC, The Captain carved out a name for himself as a child actor appearing in The Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Mr. Destiny, Perfect Harmony and as the “Yo Spike, I got the Motts!” kid. He received his B.A. in Government from Hamilton College and was granted his dental degree from New York University College of Dentistry. After completing his Pediatric Dental Residency at Jacobi Medical Center, he soon became board certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

An active member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, he recently was awarded Best Kids Dentist in the Milky Way as voted by the Martian Mother Alliance. He is an attending faculty member at Morristown Medical Center and has been on the dental staffs at North Central Bronx Hospital, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Jacobi Medical Center. He lectures annually at his alma mater, New York University College of Dentistry. While on leave, he is the proud father of Lieutenant Alexandra and Ensign Ford and enjoys his weekly jaunts to Target, packing lunches and exploring the cosmos.

He built Starship Pediatric Dentistry with Commander Jen to be the crown jewel of the fleet; known for its prize shelf, 1st visit photo ops and always trying to do the right thing. Captain Sky’s greatest pride is rescuing a nervous child by creating a trust that empowers them with the ability to brave what can sometimes be a stressful experience. Highly entertaining through puppetry, character portrayal and storytelling, he provides quality dental care within a cosmic experience that leaves children happy and eager to return.

CDR. Jen Wilbur, D.D.S.

Dr. Jen always knew she wanted a profession where she was able to work with children and adolescents. She loves providing patient and parent education and believes in the importance of prevention in overall oral health. Most of all, she enjoys making visits to the dentist fun and relaxing for both children and their parents.

Dr. Jen was born and raised in Chatham, New Jersey and attended Southern Boulevard School, Chatham Middle School, and Chatham High School. She graduated Cum Laude from Dartmouth College and then earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. Knowing that pediatrics was her true passion, she went on to Jacobi Medical Center at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine to complete her post-graduate education in Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Jen now specializes in providing comprehensive care to infants, children, adolescents, and patients with special needs. She is board certified with the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, is a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and is CPR and Pediatric Advanced Life Support certified. Volunteering her time and abilities as a dentist is very important to her. She has travelled abroad to provide care to underserved children in Jamaica and volunteered locally for Give Kids A Smile Day. Dr. Jen is fully dedicated to her patients and to providing the best possible care to every child.

In her free time, Dr. Jen enjoys cooking, yoga, and spending time with her family and husband, Andrew. The Jersey Shore is her favorite summer destination and she is an avid fan of the New Jersey Devils.

LT. Saudamini Gadgil, D.D.S.

Dr. Gadgil attended a 7-year program at New York University to obtain her B.A. in Biology and a Doctorate in Dental Surgery. After graduating in 2013, she moved to Seattle to complete her General Practice Residency at Swedish Medical Center. While working as a general dentist in Massachusetts, Dr. G discovered her love for pediatric dentistry and enrolled at St. Barnabas Hospital to specialize. After serving as chief resident in her final year, Dr. G graduated in 2018 and is a board-eligible member of the ABPD.

Dr. G’s approach to pediatric dentistry begins with making every child comfortable at the dentist’s office and creating a fun and safe environment to make every appointment easy and productive. She believes in working with parents to tailor the treatment to suit the needs of each child, placing prevention and education above all. Dr. G is fluent in Hindi and Marathi and is comfortable speaking dental Spanish.



Andrea Carrera, R.D.H.

Pauline Minasian, R.D.H.

Andrea is our lead hygiene designate. Having survived the rigors of Rutgers during the Strep Mutans Invasion, she blossomed into a hardened member of the resistance. She is a straight shooter with a sickle and can cut through deception with a scaler. She's an expert in the latest brushing techniques like The Saturn Scrub and Jupiter Jump.

Pauline was the first Earthling to attend Lady Quantra’s Prep School for Enigmatic Life-forms. She started as a dental assistant during The Amalgam Wars and received The Golden Tooth in Linguistics for her mastery of the Turkish and Armenian languages. Aspiring to further her knowledge, she obtained her degree and license in dental hygiene from NYUCD’s Galactic Campus.


Charlotte Brusaschi, R.D.H.

Kara Granger, R.D.H.

Born in Australia, Charlotte served as an assistant at a Pediatric Dental outpost in the Fornax Quadrant for eight years before returning to Earth. She received her Dental Hygiene degree from Bergen C.C. Her thesis involved the tartar stratification of the sixth moon of Epsilon Eridani. Always handy with toothpaste and floss, she traverses the decks of the starship making sure the crew is brushing two times a day.

Mysterious and persistent, Kara obtained her hygiene degree from Eastern International College and her certificate in space flight from Golkar's Rocket School West. She is not intimidated by plaque, tartar or calculus and has been known to remove it using sonic telekinesis. Do not cross Kara.



CPL. Stacey Filipow

CPL. Stephany Torres

Corporal Filipow is our Head of Communications. When downloaded into the hard-drive, she can enlist new recruits, schedule and cancel flights, navigate intricate dental insurance programs and accept your payment via Galactic Credits. Most importantly, she has the master code for all the toy-vaults after a flight. An avid rocket-skier, on shore leave you can find her in full gear attached to the tail end of The Great Black Diamond Comets.

Cpl. Stephany Torres is the starship’s Flight Director and the very first recruit for the ship’s maiden voyage. A jack of all trades, she has her bionic hand and upgraded cerebellum in every aspect of the ship; from the insurance deck, covert operative missions and Galactic Outreaches. She can speak over twenty languages including Spanish and an ancient form of Kerubian. Cpl. Torres is the face of calm in crisis, and is here to broker peace through the Universe.


 CPL. Debbie Keely

Cpl. Keely is The Director of Interventional Operative Assistance. Twenty years ago, she was accidentally given a transfusion of Starlight and is now perpetually smiling. That same smile gleamed so bright that it served as a rescue beacon for The Molar Brigade’s Fleet when navigating The Web Opaque. The corporal looks forward to providing you with support and expertise when battling The Evil Count of Decay.


Ensign Ford

Princess Alexandra

Always one for a laugh, Ensign Ford is Captain Sky’s son. One of the youngest members of the Molar Brigade, he started off as a cadet at birth and is quickly rising in the ranks. He eats his fruits and veggies and doesn’t mind having the Captain brush and floss his teeth. He has an amazing ability to literally bounce off the walls.

Princess Alexandra is Cpt. Sky’s daughter and happens to be a 1/4 tooth fairy. If by chance you lose a tooth during your flight, she will safeguard your treasure in one of her rainbow tooth-savers so you don’t lose it on the way home. She is in constant contact with Tooth Command and will dispatch a fairy for you that same day. An accomplished violinist, she can play several concertos by Nebula renowned composer Gracklenach Gravinsky from Gamma Prime.



 Comm. Brace McGill

Carl is a Martian from the Fuzz Sector. Naïve to a fault and susceptible to the Count of Decay’s persuasion, he is well known for his sweet tooth and poor diet choices. Carl accidentally found himself a permanent stowaway on the starship when he became enamored by our supply of sugarless lollipops with xylitol. Through counseling, he is starting to make wiser dietary choices and tries to help our cadets do the same.

Commander Brace McGill is a lab tech from Arkansas on Earth, although she has spent extensive time in the titanium mines of Granok honing her craft. If you are in need of a space maintainer or active appliance, she can fabricate one for you with one eye closed in as much time as it takes you to say….what’s that? She already made it. Told you she was fast.


Cpl. Space Monkey


Corporal Space Monkey is our head of security and can usually be found chilling on a console or in one of the brush-shuttles. He is always on the lookout and first to let out his primal scream at the slightest hint of a Cavity Invasion or nefarious Plaque Spy. While on shore leave, he loves eating blue noodle slugs and having new cadets brush his teeth.

Bristle is our resident Fluoridian, and thus, was born with only two teeth to last a lifetime. He likes walks on moon craters, romantic comedies and telling jokes. He will often accompany us on our galactic outreaches and adores talking to kids.



 Lt. Daniel Starbrush

McCavity is Bristle's cousin and had a wild youth full of soda pop, sticky-zaffy-taffy and poor brushing habits. Left with only one tooth, "old chopper", he likes to help rehabilitate and educate our patients who prefer to live dangerously.

Lt. Starbrush is our in-flight morale and social media officer. He likes to take candid office shots, post dental prose on twitter and organize crazy fun days to break up the monotony of space travel.